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Profile Guidelines Editorial
Updated Jan 14, 2020

We encourage you to review the guidelines when you create your profile, in order to meet the talent network requirements and to be invited to your best matched engagements.

Profile Requirements

Profile Summary

Upload a photo

Having a presentable profile photo improves the average match rate by 65%.

Upload a professional-looking, front-facing, and centered photo.  It should be colored with size 400px by 400px

Add a profile description

The description section of your profile will allow you to condense your skills and work experience into a short brief. This helps clients have an overview of your professional profile at a glance.

  • Start your description by introducing your title or primary skillset.
  • Add any accomplishments, awards, projects completed, certifications, notable past employers or clients, and unique skill sets.
  • Include any quantitative results achieved for past projects.
  • For consistency, all profile descriptions will be written from the third-person point of view.

Work Experience

Add your professional experience details such as job title, company, industry, and employment dates.

  • Provide a single-sentence introduction of the company (if necessary).
  • Describe the scope of work done by highlighting the technical aspects of the position.
  • Keep the description as factual and concise as possible.
  • If you were promoted or transferred to new roles at the company, list them as separate positions in this section.


Indicate your diploma/degree, other professional certifications (if any), institution name and education dates.

Projects or Portfolio

Clients frequently request for examples of past works. The likelihood of your profile being turned down is twice as high for profiles that do not include relevant past works.  

  • A minimum of three (3) sample works, case studies, or portfolio projects.
  • Add a portfolio item by using indicating a publicly accessible URL or uploading an attachment.
  • Describe the scope of work done and highlight the technical aspects of the project.
  • For past works that may include sensitive client information, we would encourage you to remove confidential client data before adding them to your portfolio. You may wish to use this powerpoint template.

Style Guidelines follows a specific style format for its talent profiles to ensure consistency and professionalism. We follow these guidelines:


Bulleted lists

For every bullet, the first word is capitalized and should always end with a period or full stop (.).


Use Oxford commas. For any list of three or more, a comma should be included before the conjunction. 


Use the word “and” instead of using the ampersand symbol (&).


Use the word “include” instead of the colon symbol (:).


Avoid using the dash symbol (). Replace it with words like “including” and “such as”.


Avoid abbreviations, i.e. MNCs, use “multinational corporations” instead.


To use an acronym, spell the full word first and follow with the acronym in parentheses. 


Proper nouns

Capitalize proper nouns, including, names of individuals, places, brands, and agencies.

Personal titles

A personal title will only be capitalized if it precedes a name.  Avoid using an acronym for a personal title.


Ensure that all headlines are in the AP style title case. 

Tone and Voice

Here are voice guidelines that follows:

Be Concise

Keep it short

Make your content description understandable by making it specific and informative. To keep your readers engaged, you may vary the sentence length and this helps you give better control over the tone’s content.

Simplicity is key

Using a simple language can ensure that your content will be clear to your readers. When complexed words are used the readability can get affected and sometimes cause confusion.

Bullet points

Use bullet points in your Work Experience and Education descriptions to communicate your achievements clearly.


Important information first

Most clients tend to skim and scan when reviewing profiles.  Tendencies are they look for keywords of what they are specifically looking for.

Include the most important information in your profile description to communicate to clients your most valuable skill set upfront.


Active voice

Use an active voice in your descriptions to present your work in a straightforward manner.


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