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How to Use the Right Customer Data for Personalized Marketing
Email Marketing
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How to Optimize Your Content for Google Featured Snippets

Although it might seem like a lot of work to win featured snippets, remember that if you’re already putting out content, you’re halfway there. A few simple tweaks, like using header tags and creating ‘how to’ lists, can increase your chances of winning them.

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Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing Could Be the Way Forward in Challenging Times

Agile marketing offers teams the opportunity to have the same level of experimentation and find better ways to keep abreast of what customers want, on the same dime. Armed with data and analytics, agile teams are enabled to plan and respond to what the customer wants and how they experience the product or service.

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B2B Marketing

Subject Matter Experts: Autodesk’s Strategy To Building An Industry Leading Publication

As Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at Autodesk, Dusty DiMercurio oversees their award-winning publication, Redshift. Get a behind-the-scenes peek into how he works with industry experts and journalists to create best-in-class content.

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Content Marketing

How Think with Google Leverages Data for Effective Storytelling

Telling compelling stories with data can give your customers tremendous value. Think With Google APAC’s Editor-in-Chief, who oversees 14 markets across the region, shares her lessons with us.

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Lead Generation

Making a Game Out of Lead Generation

This is how Juniper Network’s Yash Suresh won the lead generation game.

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Customer Experience
Digital Marketing

How DBS Develops Cutting-Edge Storytelling

Karen Ngui, Head of Strategic Marketing & Communications DBS, and her team discuss their success in better connecting with customers through their franchise, SPARKS.

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Interview Questions

15 Must-Have Interview Questions For Digital Marketers

This interview questions guide focuses on informing digital marketing hiring managers on the top how-tos and important things to look out for, from successful companies and startups.

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Content Marketing
Content Strategist

12 Important Content Strategist Interview Questions and Answers

We take you through some of our favourite questions to ask content strategists in interviews.

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Customer Experience
Content Marketing

How Being FRANK Won Millennials Over

Seven years after its launch, FRANK by OCBC is still charming youths till today. Their Head of Youth Segment Genevieve Gay reveals how marketers can go further to improve customer experience.

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