Frequently Asked Questions

About us

What does Hire Digital do?

Hire Digital connects companies with talent in marketing, digital and content creation. We curate our expert network through a rigorous screening process, where members are evaluated for their technical skills, work experience and their problem solving and communication skills.

What type of talent arrangements does Hire Digital offer?

We provide solutions for companies looking for individual talent or to build a multi-talent team on a project-basis or for the long-term. You can choose to work with talent on full-time, part-time or hourly arrangements.

Can Hire Digital talent work on-site at my preferred location?

While most clients find it most efficient to work with Hire Digital talent in off-site, remote arrangements, we can match you to talent who can work on-site at your preferred location.

Do Hire Digital talent communicate in my preferred language(s)?

Hire Digital’s talent are fully proficient in spoken and written English and comprises of members who are fluent in other languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian, among others. If your brief has specific language requirements, inform Hire Digital and we will match you accordingly.

How It Works

How do I get matched to Hire Digital’s talent?

Tell Hire Digital your requirements and talent needs, or let us know by registering here. Our talent specialists will curate and find you the most relevant match. You can interview and accept your talent and start work immediately.

How long does the matching process take, from contacting Hire Digital to starting work with the talent?

Companies typically take between 24 to 72 hours from the time when they inform Hire Digital of their talent needs, to start working with their matched talent.

What happens if I am not satisfied?

Hire Digital provides satisfaction guarantees for its clients. If the talent does not perform up to your standard, Hire Digital will provide a talent replacement.

Pricing & Payment

Who owns the IP of the work created by Hire Digital talent?

As stipulated in our client agreement, Hire Digital clients own the IP of the original work created via Hire Digital, and is provided worldwide exclusive rights for publishing. Neither Hire Digital nor its talent own the IP of the work created.

How much does Hire Digital cost?

Hire Digital will find you talent that match your preferred rates. We cater to individual requests based on your specific talent needs.

What are my payment terms and options?

Payments are made via credit card or PayPal. For Enterprise accounts, we can issue invoicing with payment via PO, wire or cheque. Contact us here for more information.


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