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Developer Advocate
Specializes in web, game, & blockchain development.
Eric Vander Wal is a developer advocate with over 20 years of development experience across web, game, and blockchain development. Through his work, he has honed his skills in small agile team management in the field of startups, SaaS culture, and developer relations. At Hutong Games (PlayMaker), he provided community management and social outreach via Slack, hosted forums, and YouTube. He also developed tutorials for YouTube following both the documentation and novel use of the PlayMaker system. His technical skills include Substrate, Polkadot, Solidity, C#, .Net, Rust, Unity, HTML, CSS, XML, AWS, Azure, ASP.NET, Blazor, Drupal, Headless CMS, Websockets, Rest API, Web API, and more.View More
Developer Advocacy
Developer Relations
Web Development
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Game Development
Blockchain Development
Team Management
Community Management
Slack Community
Forum Moderation
YouTube Content
.NET Framework
Headless CMS
Developer Advocate
Lead developer advocate for GraalVM.
Oleg Šelajev is a developer advocate with experience in Java development and product engineering. He serves as a lead developer advocate at Oracle, wherein he works primarily with the community of developers (Java, other JVM languages, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, etc) to drive experimentation, evaluation, and adoption of GraalVM technologies. At ZeroTurnaround, he built a community of Java developers and handled RebelLabs. Oleg has presented technical sessions at many international conferences, including several JavaOnes, JPoint, Devoxx US, Belgium, Poland; JavaZone, JFokus, GeekOut, SpringIO, GeeCon, EclipseCon, JavaLand, JSpring, and JFall.View More
Developer Advocacy
Java Development
Technical Content
Software Engineering
Product Engineering
Developer Relations
Technical Conferences
Oracle Database
Developer Advocate
Former developer experience manager at Automation Anywhere.
Jonathan Pereira is developer relations program manager constantly working at the cross-section of developer relations and technical marketing. He has expertise in building, engaging, and scaling developer communities with focus on helping developers automate their daily workflows while engaging more developers. At Chef Software, he has created programming and product learning courses, penned thought-leadership and developer-focused content aimed at the DevOps ecosystem, and hosted webinars and hackathons. Jonathan also worked as a developer experience manager at Automation Anywhere, where he strategized and planned for scaling the company's developer community.View More
Developer Advocacy
Developer Experience
Community Building
Digital Marketing
Program Management
Technical Evangelism
Product Marketing
Growth Hacking
Developer Advocate
Worked on multiple programs for Google.
Harsh Dattani is a program manager and Google Cloud certified security engineer and cloud architect with five years of professional experience in managing and running technical developer programs for Google across India. He works at Wipro in managing Android development with Kotlin program for Google and working closely with universities in India to upscale them on Kotlin as one of the primary development languages for Android. His skills include multiple programming languages/frameworks like Java, JavaScript, mobile application development, creating dashboards, querying large datasets, and cybersecurity.View More
Program Management
Developer Programs
Community Management
Developer Relations
Program Coordination
Android Development
Budget Management
Dashboard Creation
Developer Ecosystem
Program Planning
Developer Communities
Google Data Studio
Developer Advocate
Works at Amazon Development Center India.
Harshit Chachra has five years of driving operational success in the areas of customer and developer advocacy, IT consulting, sales and marketing, and global business development. As a developer advocate at Amazon Development Center in India, he has resolved numerous developer queries, created knowledge-based tech articles and blogs to educate developers, and implemented new features on the Alexa skill-building platform. He also worked for Automation Anywhere and Accenture. His expertise includes Spanish language and strategic planning for Latin America and EU region, client relationship management (CRM), and sales operations management.View More
Developer Advocacy
Customer Advocacy
Sales & Marketing
Business Development
Technical Writing
Technical Documentation
Product Development
Strategic Planning
Sales Operations Management
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