Ruby Developer Job Description

Last updated on 9 Feb 2023

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a job description template for a Ruby on Rails Developer.

Here’s a job description template to help you attract the Ruby Developer you are looking for. Feel free to edit it to best suit your needs.


Ruby Developer Job Description Template

About the Company

This is where you make one of the first impressions with prospective hires. In this section, you may write a short but catchy paragraph about your company. Make sure to provide information about the company culture, company size, key clients, company’s mission, and goals. As well as perks, benefits, office hours, remote working possibilities, and everything else you think makes your company interesting. 

Job Description

As a Ruby on Rails Developer, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining the server-side logic for the central database, testing performance, troubleshooting, and integrating front-end elements into the application.


  • Designing and developing new web applications.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting existing web applications.
  • Writing and maintaining reliable Ruby code.
  • Integrating data storage solutions.
  • Creating back-end components.
  • Identifying and fixing bottlenecks and bugs.
  • Integrating user-facing elements designed by the front-end team.
  • Connecting applications with additional web servers.
  • Maintaining APIs.


  • Degree in Computer Science or relevant field.
  • Proven experience working with Ruby on Rails, Resque, and RSpec libraries.
  • Able to write clear Ruby code.
  • Proficiency in code versioning tools including Git, Github, SVN, and Mercurial.
  • Experience with AngularJS or BackboneJS.
  • Familiarity with MVC, Mocking, RESTful, and ORM.
  • Knowledgeable of front-end technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.
  • Great understanding of server-side templating languages.
  • Familiarity with testing tools.


  • Testing
  • Coding
  • QA
  • Project Management
  • Multitasker
  • Collaborative Skills


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