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Steven Ma
Data Analytics Expert
Data and marketing analyst for Google & Merck.
At Google, Steven Ma works as a data analyst providing data analysis, data visualization and automation process to improve efficiency and to support business decisions. He has strong knowledge of statistical models, machine learning models and quantitative fields and proficient in Excel, Python, SQL, R and Tableau. His experience also includes conducting marketing and business analytics and financial data analysis for companies across various industries such as ASUS, Merck and Cathay Real Estate.View More
Data Visualizations
Business Intelligence
Machine Learning
Business Analytics
Data Analysis
Marketing Analytics
Data Analytics
Market Analysis
Regression Analysis
Statistical Model
Financial Modeling
Sarah Lin
Lead Generation Expert
Previously from Mastercard & Jones Lang LaSalle.
Sarah Lin specializes in lead generation, content marketing, brand management and campaign strategy. She has worked on a wide range of global and regional projects for companies such as Mastercard. At Jones Lang LaSalle, she has spearheaded the development and launch of a global B2B lead generation and content platform which include go-to-market strategy, audience profiling, editorial style guide, user experience and web design. Sarah is also skilled in data analytics, email automation systems and CRM.View More
Web Design
Email Marketing
Brand Management
Lead Generation
Content Marketing
Social Media
Project Management
Data Analytics
Campaign Strategy
Audience Profiling
Kate Tyshchenko
Predictive Analytics Expert
Data scientist, market researcher and data analytics expert.
Kate Tyshchenko is a data scientist with five years of management consulting experience in analyzing and drawing insights from various types of data, including financial, risk, marketing, economic, and behavioral data. For the past two years, she has been working on a marketplace for group dinners, designed and deployed an MVP and used behavioral microtargeting to develop marketing campaigns which helped her to determine the product-market fit and acquire users over a short period. At Deloitte, Kate has evaluated the effectiveness of various startup and technology funding programs offered by the Government of Ontario through market research, financial analysis, and data analytics.View More
Digital Marketing
Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing
Market Research
Google Ads
Google Analytics
Customer Segmentation
Marketing Analytics
Regression Analysis
AB Testing
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Data Visualizations
Manu Manan
Writes on innovation, technology, sustainability & travel.
Manu Lopez Mañan is a digital marketing and business development professional with strong experience in copywriting and marketing. Worked at Sydney Environment Institute, she has curated and edited academic articles to use as promotion and managed content calendar for social media and events. She has also created digital content for promotional purposes, which include producing, filming, and editing videos via Final Cut and iMovie software. She has worked for Spanish and English media outlets in the US, Argentina, and Australia, researching and curating themes related to innovation, technology, sustainability, and travel. Manu is also skilled in Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Analytics.View More
Digital Marketing
Google AdWords
Google Analytics
Video Editing
Film Production
Final Cut Pro
Newsletter Copywriting
Science Content
Sustainability Content
Travel Content
Web Copywriting
Facebook Ads
Social Media
Landing Page Copy
Business Development
Content Creation
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