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International Marketer
Global user subscription & lead generation expert.
Nadia Gass is an accomplished digital marketing specialist with over ten years of experience delivering consistent profit growth for market research agencies and brand advertisers through high-quality traffic and lead generation campaigns. With a focus on maximizing client profitability through broad-ranging digital marketing strategies, she has proven expertise in growing global user subscriptions/online consumer communities. As a former head of acquisition at Sample Survey International, Nadia has developed new and creative solutions to optimize user acquisition, ROI and minimize costs for online community websites, in multiple foreign languages.View More
Digital Marketing
Market Research
User Acquisition
B2B Marketing
Mobile Advertising
Public Relations
Email Marketing
Google Analytics
Lead Generation
Social Media Marketing
International Affairs Content
Content Marketing
Customer Acquisition
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Digital Media
Customer Retention
International Marketer
Clients include Warner Bros., Sony Pictures & Yahoo.
Kristin Knox is a market researcher with 12 years of experience in strategic, high-level market research tasks for both vendor and client-side research teams. She has strong expertise in developing questionnaires and qual discussion guides, data analyses, actionable key findings, client-appropriate deliverables, and business-to-business sales materials. As a director of international market research at Paramount Pictures, she has provided market-contextual analysis for theatrical films in top international territories. Kristin has also worked for various global clients across the entertainment industry, including Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Summit Entertainment, and Lions Gate Entertainment.View More
Quantitative Analysis
Market Research
Qualitative Research
Survey Design
Design Research
Customer Insights
Data Analysis
International Research
Digital Media
International Marketer
Handled Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Phillips accounts.
Ana Isabel Prieto Lestegas is a market researcher with eight years of experience in the healthcare sector, specializing in conducting applied research into consumer needs, brand positioning, and communication. She has a strong background in both national and international research for several major clients in the FMCG branch, including Unilever, Coca-Cola, SCA, Akzo Nobel, and Phillips Lighting. Ana is highly skilled in research methodologies such as qualitative research including in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographical studies, communities and diary, as well as quantitative research including desk research, and data analysis based on secondary data or online data.View More
Quantitative Analysis
Market Research
Qualitative Research
Survey Design
Customer Insights
Data Analysis
Customer Segmentation
Market Intelligence
Consumer Behavior
Advertising Research
Brand Equity
International Research
Consumer Psychology
Online Research
Market Analysis
Healthcare Research
Online Moderation
International Marketer
Former digital marketing & social media strategist at IBM.
Toma Chiritescu is a digital marketing professional with 14 years of marketing and market research experience and over five years in IT and B2B international marketing strategy and execution coordination. He has served clients across diverse industries, including IT, tech, media, insurance, and real estate. At IBM, he worked in various senior marketing roles such as content creative director, digital and social media strategist, and performance campaign manager.View More
Digital Marketing
Market Research
Marketing Strategy
B2B Marketing
International Marketing
Remote Teams Coordination
Marketing Communications
Creative Services
Digital Content
Content Creation
Project Management
Social Media Strategy
Performance Marketing
B2B Content Strategy
Account Management
Web Design
Social Media Marketing
Public Relations
Adobe Illustrator
Google Analytics
International Marketer
Past clients include Austrade, Microsoft, Ogilvy, & Presentation Studio.
Judy Weldon is a B2B content marketer and communication specialist with experience in internal and external communications, media management, investor relations, stakeholder management, project management, media release, and presentations. She works as a content and communications manager for Centrepoint Alliance, where she builds and manages content strategy across all communications channels, including internal, social media, PR, and digital. As a B2B content marketer, Judy has created and produced in various mediums, from long-form reports and blogs to social media programs, with proven success in engaging B2B customers across the buying journey. Her past clients include Austrade, Microsoft, Ogilvy, and Presentation Studio.View More
Internal Communications
External Communications
B2B Content Marketing
Public Relations
Media Communication
Media Management
Media Releases
Content Marketing Strategy
Stakeholder Management
Project Management
People Management
Investor Relations
Content Production
Content Creation
Customer Advocacy
International Marketer
Past clients include Microsoft, Informatica, & UBM China.
Patricia Chong is a Chinese bilingual digital marketer with over 15 years of experience in leading and hands-on managing of marketing campaigns and programs (on both digital and traditional platforms) for different projects and products catered to various industries, including optoelectronics, dental, aviation, finance and investment, life science, healthcare, technology, telecoms, energy, transport, defense and security, textile and garment, and FMCG; held in regions such as Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. In her former role as APJ marketing and events manager for Microsoft project, she ran various GTM campaigns and events to help to drive demand generation for the region. Patricia also worked for Informatica and UBM China.View More
Digital Marketing
Strategy Creation and Implementation
Budget Planning and Managing
Campaign Management
Performance Analytics
Competitive Analysis
Market Research
International Multichannel Marketing
Traditional Marketing
Digital Inbound Marketing
Demand Generation
Content Development
Strategic Alliances
Strategic Partnerships
Public Relations
Account Based Marketing
Event Management
Vendor Management
Simplified Chinese Translation and Proofreading
Partner Marketing
Event Marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hire Digital?

Hire Digital connects companies with talent in marketing, digital, and content creation. We curate our expert network through a rigorous screening process, where members are evaluated for their technical skills, work experience, and their problem solving and communication skills.

How to start working with a talent?

Tell Hire Digital your requirements and talent needs, or let us know by registering here. Our talent specialists will curate and find you the most relevant match. You can interview your talent and start work immediately.

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We’ll match the best talent for your needs based on the required skills, expertise level, project size, budget, language, geography, experience, and other criteria. A decision is made by our experts with the help of AI-based algorithms. Only 3% of the talent we vet are accepted to our network - hence you can be assured of the quality.

How long will it take?

Companies typically take between 24 to 72 hours from the time when they inform Hire Digital of their talent needs, to start working with their matched talent.

What if I’m not satisfied?

Hire Digital provides satisfaction guarantees for its clients. If the talent does not perform up to your standard, Hire Digital will provide a talent replacement.

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Hire Digital will find you talent that match your preferred rates. We cater to individual requests based on your specific talent needs.

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