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Campaign Manager
Data-driven public sector marketing specialist.
A topnotch social media marketer, Rebecca McDowell has developed a passion for helping companies grow using digital marketing strategies specializing in social media management using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest platforms. Over the past 5 years, she has built a solid foundation in problem-solving, analytical thinking and design using data to drive decision-making and effective communication. Her technical skills include HTML, CSS, SEO, Google Analytics and email marketing. Rebecca is well-experienced in public service and campaign management and worked for political entities and organizations including the Mayor's Office in San Francisco, California and 50+1 Strategies, LLC.View More
Web Design
Campaign Management
Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Twitter Marketing
Facebook Ads
Google Analytics
Social Media Content Creation
Social Media Marketing
Instagram Ads
Google Suite
Pinterest Ads
Campaign Manager
Worked with Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
David Martinez specializes in the production of web, mobile, and advertising campaign projects. He led the creation of two Cannes Lions award-winning campaigns, one of which significantly increased the brand’s social media reach, website traffic, and YouTube subscribers. Aside from advertising agencies, he has also worked with tech giant Facebook and several boutique design firms. Along the way, David has progressed from running single projects to teams, departments, and new businesses—always contributing from a strategic and creative lens.View More
Digital Marketing
Social & Digital Campaign Management
Social & Digital Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Web Design
OOH Advertising
Digital Content
Digital Media
Video Production
Video Post-Production
Graphic Design
Content Strategy
Campaign Manager
Past clients include JP Morgan Chase & Bulletproof 360.
Candace Kennedy is a content strategist with over a decade of experience in content creation, strategy, and marketing. She has designed, developed, and executed digital marketing campaigns and content for small companies to large multinational corporations, such as JP Morgan Chase. Candace also has extensive experience in editing and email marketing.View More
Content Strategy
Content Creation
Content Marketing
Content Editing
Content Writing
Email Marketing
SEO Strategy
Brand Positioning
Nutrition, Wellness and Fitness Content
Healthcare Writing
SEO Writing
Brand Management
Campaign Manager
Past clients include MTV, NewsCorp, and
Anthony Young has 15 years' experience across different aspects of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, landing page optimization, content optimization, integrated PPC, paid search campaigns, organic search engine marketing, and marketing automation. At SnapLogic, he developed and implemented an online acquisition strategy that utilized content marketing, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing to reach SnapLogic's enterprise-level audience. He also has conducted SEO work for companies such as MTV, NewsCorp,,, and large e-commerce sites, as well as several nonprofits.View More
Digital Marketing
Landing Page Optimization
Paid Search
Marketing Automation
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Content Optimization
Digital Content
Content Creation
Content Management
Display Ads
Lead Generation Markup
SEO Audit
SEO Keyword Research
Google AdWords
Google Search Console
Google Analytics
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