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How Not to Overkill With Webinars – A Complete Guide to Webinar Marketing
Webinar Marketing
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Ad Targeting
Facebook Advertising

How to Use Facebook Interests to Get Ahead of Your Competitors

We take a closer look at Facebook Interests, one of the main features of Facebook Ads. There are some myths and hypotheses worth investigating.

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Google Rich Snippets

A Guide to Google Rich Snippets Testing

Among many tools created by Google to analyze your website, promote it, and manage your search engine presence there’s one relatively fresh tool – Rich Results Test. What is it? How to use it? And why? Let’s take a look.

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Google Tag Manager

A Guide to Google Tag Manager Data Layer for Digital Marketers

Learn what a data layer is and how to use it without learning complex website development skills.

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Interview Questions
Product Marketing

8 Important Product Marketing Interview Questions

Get inspired by Google’s structured interview process to find the right product marketing manager for your team.

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Google Analytics
Google Data Studio

How to Use Google Analytics With Google Data Studio

Google Analytics and Google Data Studio are great and free tools for tracking what is happening on your website, gathering data and insights, and presenting them to your coworkers, your supervisor, or your client.

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SaaS Marketing

How to Hire a SaaS Marketer to Match Your Business Needs

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the must-have characteristics of SaaS marketers in different capacities and how to see if your candidate is the right fit for your business.

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SaaS Marketing

Top SaaS Marketing Strategies for 2021

Hire Digital recommends five key B2B SaaS marketing strategies for 2021. Read on to learn the latest trends in SaaS lead generation and SaaS content marketing.

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AB Testing
Google AdWords

How to Run AB Testing in Google Ads and Google Optimize

We will focus on AB testing inside Google Ads using a native tool called Experiments and AB testing using Google Optimize outside Google Ads.

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Social Media

How COVID-19 Has Changed Healthcare Communications On Social Media

Digital healthcare communications is key to marketing your healthcare business and with the unprecedented spread of the COVID-19 pandemic which brought about an “everything virtual” culture, there has been growing interest in accelerating digital communications with customers.

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